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Welcome to the Chimney Butte Ranch; home to lots of rocks, rattlesnakes, a few Gelbvieh cows, and the Hille family. Because of the ever-changing nature of this site, please check back periodically for updates.
Please visit the "Cattle Sales" page for information on our 2017 Production Sale which will be held Friday, March 3rd 2017.

Chimney Butte

Chimney Butte Ranch 2017 Production Sale Friday March 3rd 1pm CST at KIST Livestock in Mandan, ND

More information on "Cattle Sales" page.

2017 Golden Rule State Sale Offerings

Sale Date: Monday, Jan 30th 2pm at Kist Livestock in Mandan, ND

Download the sale catalog here: Golden Rule Sale Catalog

Click Tag for EPDs.

Lot 33 DCH C144

Lot 34 DCH C164

Lot 40 DCH C220

Lot 41 DCH C263

Lot 42 DCH C272

Lot 43 DCH C305

If you'd like more information please drop us an email: chimneybutteranch@westriv.com

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American Gelbvieh Association North Dakota Gelbvieh Association

Chimney Butte