2018 Production Sale Friday, March 2nd 1pm

Chimney Butte Ranch 2018 Production Sale Friday, March 2nd 1pm CST at KIST Livestock in Mandan, ND.

If you are unable to attend the sale, we will be broadcasting live through DVAuction. Information on how to watch and bid is available at

69 Purebred and Balancer Bulls
10 Purebred and Balancer Heifers

2018 Sale Downloads:

Catalog, videos, and supplement sheets will be posted as soon as they become available.
*2018 Sale Catalog
*2018 Production Sale Bull Summary -updated 2/27/2018
*2018 Production Sale Bred Heifer Summary
*2018 Bull Sale Supplement Sheet -updated 2/27/2018

Sale Videos Available on DVAuction Site

Supplement material will be posted as it becomes available. Please feel free to contact Doug with any questions.

2018 Golden Rule State Sale Offerings: Link to Sale Website

Sale Date: Monday, Jan 29th 2pm at Kist Livestock in Mandan, ND

Download the sale catalog here: Golden Rule Sale Catalog

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Lot 3 DCH D409
A powerful female loaded with performance while maintaining above average calving ease. A rock solid maternal pedigree that includes, Majesty, X102, and Tye. Should make a terrific mama cow. Great numbers, great performance and a phenotype to match. All heifers in this offering are A-I sired, carrying A-I calves. Ultra sound confirms an A-I bull calf, sired by Ellingson Identity, due 2/27/2018.

Lot 4 DCH D416
Deep dark cherry red, diluter free from both black parents. A real eye catcher with numbers to match. Her grand dam, R152, has achieved Dam of Distinction status, a foundation for longevity and performance. All heifers in this offering have a minimum of 3 generations of maternal genetics that have been raised and used in our program. She carries a heifer calf sired by Ellingson Identity. Identity calves in our program have been standouts. Ultra sound confirms A-I due date of 3/18 2018.

Lot 6 DCH D437
Her mama is a picture perfect Upgrade daughter. Her sire DCH Hille W287 Wow, co-owned with Golden Buckle Gelbvieh, has put many great females into our herd. She will be a great addition to almost any program. The most moderate framed in our offering, with a sweetheart attitude. As always, the Chimney Butte sight unseen warranty applies to all our Golden Rule Females. Ultra sound indicates an A-I sired bull calf due 2/27/2018. Service sire is GHGF Trump Train, 2017 Breeders Choice Futurity winner. This is an opportunity to have one of the first Trump Train offspring in your herd.

Lot 8 DCH D462
The very first SAV Resource 1441 daughter we have offered for sale. She is just flat out good. Her mama is one of the good old cows. Her Grand dam, L156 achieved dam of distinction status, and was a donor cow in our ET program. Solid dependable maternal genetics. All heifers in this offering have had DNA samples submitted. When results are available, we will publish on our website, and genomic enhanced EPD’s will be available on sale day. Ultra sound indicates an A-I heifer due 3/20/2018. Service sire is DCH C134, purchased from us by Thorstenson Gelbvieh. We have the first C134 calves in our feedlot and they look great.

Lot 9 DCH D469
We really like Chisum sired cattle. This one is exceptionally good. Read the numbers, look at the performance, study the maternal pedigree and imagine a clean made, deep bodied, extra-long mama prospect. Your dreams of owning an exceptional female can come true with this lady!! Her maternal brother, DCH C169, is used both in our A-I program, and as a natural sire in the pasture. This package of proven maternal genetics is hard to part with. We opened the gate for Chris, and he selected these females from a group of 100 bred heifers. Ultrasound indicates an A-I sired heifer calf due 2/26/2018. Service sire is DCH C134, co-owned with Thorstenson Gelbvieh.

Replacement quality females are offered for sale each year. A limited number are consigned to the Golden Rule Sale. Normally 40-60 replacement females are sold private treaty at the ranch.


The North Dakota Gelbvieh Association sponsors the Golden Rule sale each year on the last Monday in January. The animals we consign to this sale are hand selected by the sale manager. Over the years, we have sold several females in this sale that have achieved Dam of Merit and Dam of Distinction status.


Each year we offer replacement quality females for sale at the ranch. The animals offered are sound and guaranteed. We hold the standard of anything we sell to be of quality we would use in our own herd. Bred females are offered in three groups, bred heifers, older cows, and late breds.


We develop more heifers than we need for annual replacements. All the heifers are developed as one group. We price the animals separately and offer for sale starting January each year. We stop sales when we reach the number we need to retain as replacements in our own herd.


Our operation runs cattle in rugged demanding terrain. We also winter graze until the cows cannot get thru the snow. These conditions cull hard doing and inferior animals quickly. The cows that have stayed in the herd have proven themselves for condition, productivity, structure and attitude. We find we can sell these old proven cows to operations that work in an easier environment, and they typically continue to raise several more good calves. These older cows have produced sale bulls and our replacement females.


To manage our herd efficiently, we need to keep the calving period condensed. This results in a more uniform bull sale offering, and better sorting for pastures and breeding. Many of these animals are late because some of the breeding pastures are too large for one bull to service, or a bull may have gotten hurt resulting in cows not serviced on time. These cows are from the heart of the herd and will work very well in herds that calve in late April or May.

All the females offered are guaranteed bred, and have registration papers available. Please contact us if you have interest in bred females.